Why Should You Get Out-of-Province Orthopedic Treatment?

Canada has a universal health care system, but each province administers its own plan. The federal government provides funding based on how many Canadian patients live in each province, meaning heavily populated provinces receive the most money. Although this health care system does make care more accessible to low-income Canadians, some people have problems getting the health services they need. Canadians in many communities struggle with delays for medical treatments and surgical procedures. 

Delays in treatment can lead to chronic pain and loss of function, especially for a Canadian who needs orthopedic surgery to correct a problem with the bones or joints. One way to get orthopedic surgeries faster is to go outside your home province for surgery and follow-up care. 

For many Canadian patients who are dealing with long-term conditions or injuries, the best way to find relief is by seeking out-of-province orthopedic treatment

Reasons to Seek Out-of-Province Medical Treatment

Long Wait Times & Cancelled Surgeries

One of the most common reasons to seek care outside your home province is to get around the long wait times for certain procedures, particularly those that can provide relief from chronic pain. 

In 2021, surgery cancellations became commonplace in many provinces, such as Alberta and Ontario, where surging COVID-19 cases overwhelmed medical facilities and staff. These cancellations not only risk that the conditions of many patients may worsen, but they also exacerbate the backups within the medical system and add to the already lengthy wait times. 

More recently, the CBC reported in May 2022 about a case where a man was unable to work or enjoy his favourite activities due to severe chronic pain in his toe. When he was put on the surgery referral list, he was told he'd have to wait as long as 18 months to have the procedure.

That man is just one example of a person who's had to live with severe pain due to an inability to access needed medical services in a timely manner. When the article was published, there were more than 88,000 Canadian patients on the surgery waiting list for British Columbia. This doesn't include Canadians in other provinces who are unable to see a specialist or have surgery due to long wait times.

Throughout the summer and fall of 2022, a surge in respiratory infections and staff shortages led to more cancelled surgeries in British Columbia and Ontario, respectively. Although many thought that the Canadian medical system was on its way to catching up with the backlog that was compounded by COVID-19, developments show that there remains a lot of ground to make up and no shortage of challenges ahead. 

Lack of Technology

Some communities also lack the technology needed to perform cutting-edge surgical procedures. Travelling to another province makes it possible to access state-of-the-art technology and get care from some of the top specialists in orthopedic injuries and conditions. Even if you have to pay extra for transportation and prescription drugs, going outside your home province can be extremely beneficial.

Benefits of Out-of-Province Orthopedic Care

Travelling outside your home province for orthopedic care has several potential benefits:

  • Instead of choosing a physician based on availability, you can choose a care provider based on their credentials and expertise.
  • If your home province has a lack of open hospital beds, you won't have to wait as long to get the care you need.
  • Private clinics have extensive experience working with patients of all ages and backgrounds, ensuring a positive experience.
  • Patients gain access to some of the most advanced technology available, which may improve health outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Out-of-Province Orthopedic Treatments

Before you make an appointment for out-of-province orthopedic treatment, it's important to understand how out-of-province care works in terms of travel insurance coverage and other arrangements. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about getting out-of-province medical care:

Will my private insurance cover the procedure?

Your plan may pay for some portion of a medically necessary procedure, but it probably won't reimburse you for travel expenses, even if you provide original receipts. To ensure you receive reimbursement for eligible expenses, keep all documentation provided by the out-of-province health care provider.

Is financial assistance available?

Some provinces have a travel assistance policy that makes funds available to patients who need to travel to other provinces for care. If your province doesn't have such a policy, check with local aid organizations to determine if any grants are available. To qualify for a grant, you may need to provide information about your family income, dependent children and health conditions. 

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