About Ortho Westmount

Dr. Gagner’s surgical team began as Clinique Michel Gagner in 2009, which specialized in bariatric surgery. The types of interventions have grown to include orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, and general surgery. Ortho Westmount offers orthopedic treatments with over 2,700 square feet of operating space. Its operating theatres and recovery rooms are unique in Canada and considered state-of-the-art for open and minimally invasive surgery.

At Ortho Westmount, our mission is to offer the highest standard of treatment in specialized orthopedic surgeries by having the best surgical outcome and a seamless patient experience. We are leaders in complex hip and knee replacements. You will enjoy a comfortable convalescence center.

At Ortho Westmount, you are in good hands with a caring, comforting and trustworthy surgical team. You will regain the quality of life and the feeling of being truly at ease and at home with us.

Our Surgical Talent

We are worldwide leaders in performing hip resurfacing arthroplasty. Our team of surgeons offer the best surgical outcome in orthopedic treatments. Along with a multi-disciplinary support staff we build strong relationships and work with our patients to get you moving pain-free. Our surgeons are among surgeons in the Hip Society, and also lead hip preservation units. We perform the highest volume of surgeries in complex and revision arthroplasty.