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We are a private surgery center

Ortho Westmount is officially disaffiliated with RAMQ – Quebec’s public healthcare provider. We are a center for health professionals that are non-participating in the public plan. Patients are asked to pay fees in advance to cover the chosen procedure.

All fees are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on patient necessities, surgical complexity, and other case particularities. The following is a list of minimum operating fees charged on primary surgeries (patients who do not have a surgical history that complicates the procedures):

Consultation Fees

New Patient


Returning Patient


Surgical Fees

Total Hip Arthoplasty


Total Knee Arthoplasty


Bilateral Hip Arthoplasty


Bilateral Knee Arthoplasty


What’s included:

  • The surgery
  • Convalescence up to 48 hours post-op.
  • Physiotherapy sessions during 48 hours post-op.

What’s not included:

  • Surgeon's honorarium
  • Travel expenses to Montreal, QC and the clinic
  • All pre-op tests
  • Any additional convalescence (after 48 hours)
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